The SWP's ‘radical’ language - to lead workers’ struggles into a dead-end

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 During the strike wave of the past year the organisations of the extreme left of capital (Trotskyists etc) have been everywhere. They have intervened on the shop floor, at picket lines, in demonstrations, and union meetings in order to raise their slogans, sell their press, and distribute their leaflets. And they always claim to be defending the interests of workers against the government, the bosses, the political establishment and, sometimes, even the union leaders. Should we take them at their word?

Report on class struggle for the 25th ICC congress

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Beginning with a horrific pandemic, the 2020s have been a concrete reminder of the only alternative that exists: proletarian revolution or the destruction of humanity. Today, with the terrible worsening of the world economic crisis and the return of inflation, the working class is beginning to react and to find the path of its struggle...


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