Open Discussion meeting

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The ICC is holding an open meeting, without a specific theme, where participants can propose discussions about any aspect of revolutionary politics.

Report on imperialist tensions

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To have a precise analysis of the historical situation and the perspectives that flow from it is one of the major responsibilities of revolutionary organisations, who need to provide a solid framework for their intervention in the class and to propose to the latter precise orientations for understanding the dynamics of capitalism or the actions and manoeuvres of the bourgeoisie.

Overproduction and Inflation

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We reprint below a detailed analysis of the scourge of inflation and its underlying causes which first appeared in the press of the forerunners of the ICC 50 years ago, together with a new introduction.

Critique of the so-called “Communisers” Part 3.1: Jacques Camatte - from Bordigism to the negation of the proletariat

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Jacques Camatte is undoubtedly one of the founding fathers of the so-called “communisation” current. In developing a marxist critique of the profound errors of this current, we think that it will be useful to provide an account of Camatte’s political wandering from orthodox Bordigism to the total rejection of the “theory of the proletariat” and a theorisation of escape from the class struggle. In our view, while few of the “communisers” have followed Camatte to his ultimate conclusions, in many ways the path he took reveals the real dynamic of the whole tendency.

The electoral circus and the falsifiers of marxism

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 This is a contribution by a close sympathiser from Turkey, taking position on the forthcoming elections in Turkey.  We fully agree with the comrade’s denunciation of the election circus in Turkey, in particular the pernicious role of the extreme left, which justifies participation in the bourgeois political arena in the name of “anti-fascism” or the “defence of democracy”.


We have to go further than in 1968!

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“Enough is enough!” - Britain. “Not a year more, not a euro less” - France. “Indignation runs deep” - Spain. “For all of us” - Germany. All these slogans, chanted round the world during strikes in recent months, show how much the current workers' struggles express the rejection of the general deterioration of our living and working conditions. But our struggles are also much more than that... Download and help distribute this leaflet.

Conflict within the Israeli bourgeoisie: no camp for workers to choose!

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For several months now, the main cities of Israel have seen demonstrations mobilising hundreds of thousands of people protesting against the proposals by the Netanyahu government to “reform” the Supreme Court, which it sees as an obstacle to its policies. But the demonstrations, organised under the banner of the defence of democracy and of “true” Israeli patriotism, offer only a false alternative for the working class.

Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Mexico, China…. We have to go further than in 1968!

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The wave of international struggle that began in May 1968 was a reaction to the first signs of the world economic crisis. Today, the situation is much more serious. The disastrous state of capitalism puts the survival of humanity at stake.

The momentum of May '68 was broken by a double lie of the bourgeoisie. When the USSR collapsed in 1990, it claimed that the collapse of Stalinism meant the death of communism and that a new era of peace and prosperity was dawning. Three decades later, we know from experience that instead of peace and prosperity, we got war and misery. We have yet to understand that Stalinism was the antithesis of communism, that it was a barbaric capitalist regime that emerged from the counter-revolution of the 1920s. By falsifying history, by presenting Stalinism as communism, the bourgeoisie succeeded in making the working class believe that its project of revolutionary emancipation could only end in disaster.

But in the struggle, we will gradually develop our collective strength, unity and self-organisation. In the struggle, we will gradually realise that we, the working class, are capable of offering a perspective other than the nightmare promised by a decaying capitalist system.

Come and discuss the lessons of May 68 for the struggles of today!

If you want to take part, write to us at [email protected], and we will send you the details.

The historic significance of the strike wave in the UK

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Almost a year has passed since the strikes in the UK started. During the course of that year workers in Britain have reminded the world of their position at the birth of the workers’ movement, in the 1840s with the Chartists, the first political party of the working class, and later, with their leading role in the foundation of the First International. In the past 10 months workers in Britain have upheld that tradition and put themselves at the head of a new phase in workers’ struggle internationally.


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